Thoroughbreds For Sale in GA and KY


2008 16hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Jumpers and Eventers take note!!

Calpullec is a partner with a love for jumping.  He has miles at schooling shows up to Beginner Novice and has been schooling at home through Novice/Training.  Scope for so much more!  Experience in all 3 rings.  Can get strong to his fences when they get higher, but always manageable.  Will also go quietly over baby x-rails like a good up down lesson horse, but he is most happy jumping larger fences.  Solid, tight, clean legs.  No vices.  Easy keeper.  Can live out 24x7 barefoot.

Great Jumper/Eventer partner

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2010 16hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Cole is an easy-going guy ready to kickoff the 2019 show season as a Hunter or Eventer.  He has been competing in Eventing at Novice (2'11") with the scope for more.  His easy-going demeanor makes him a great Ammy or YR partner.  He has the daisy clipper floating movement for the Hunter ring and tight even knees over fences.  Cole has schooled through 4ft and experience with upper level Dressage movements.  Everyone who has worked with or around Cole agrees he is very easy to work around and a pleasure to have on the farm.  Travels off property like a gentleman and can work out of the trailer at horse shows like a seasoned pro.  Sound with clean tight legs.  Goes barefoot with great feet!  

Ammy or YR partner with show miles

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2009 16hh Thoroughbred Mare

Listing for a friend: Sweetheart is just that, a total sweetheart.  She was lightly raced and retired to her breeders farm with only 10 starts.  Her legs appear clean and are cold and tight.  Not marish at all.  Sweetheart has not been bred. Would be a fun project for someone to bring along.  Sired by Langfuhr who is known for producing athletic sport horses.

Lightly raced, never bred Langfuhr mare

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Buying Our Thoroughbreds



We believe we price our TBs quite competitively for their retraining. Reasonable offers are always welcome.

$ = $0 - 2,500

$$ = $2,501 - 3,500

$$$ = $3,501 - 5,000

$$$$ = $5,001 - 10,000

$$$$$ = $10,000+

We do not offer payment plans, sorry.  Our horses are for sale, they are NOT for lease.

Trials and Test Rides


If you are ready to buy your new horse, we welcome you to come out and sit on our TBs.  There are of course exceptions: horse is listed at the racetrack, horse is listed as requiring rehab, horse is listed as unbroke, etc.  We know this is a big decision and we want you to be as confident as possible this is a good fit so we do welcome people to come out for a couple of rides.

We do NOT allow our horses to go out on trial.

Ability to resell


Yes, you are able to resell your Brookwood Farm Sport Horse Thoroughbred.  We do ask that you contact us and give us the first right of refusal, it's included in our Bill of Sale.  You are not allowed to sell the horse at public auction for less than $1,000.00 (one-thousand us dollars).  We offer to assist in marketing your Brookwood Graduate via our social media channels and website.

We also offer Consignment Sale services if that is a more desirable route.

TB Makeover Stabling Credit

Love's Not Fair and Nick Larkin at the 2017 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover stalls

If you purchase a Brookwood Thoroughbred eligible for the Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover and you decide to compete said Horse at the Thoroughbred Makeover, we will cover the standard stabling fee at the event.



We do accept deposits on our horses once you decide you are ready to buy.  Deposits are fully refundable.  They give you first right of refusal on purchasing the horse within the time frame noted on the deposit agreement.  This is to allow for such things as scheduling a pre-purchase exam, arranging shipping, confirming stabling for the new horse.

After you purchase....


Once the paperwork is signed and the sale is complete, your new Brookwood Graduate is able to stay with us for 5 calendar days free of charge.  After midnight ET on the fifth day we will charge a day rate for board as outlined in your purchase agreement.  Shipping fees and any additional feed (beyond the one bag we supply) are the buyer's responsibility.